Taking a ride with Nooralom and Sham

Street’s for People’s Chair, Tom Haines-Doran went for a ride with Nooralom and Sham, two local residents who have taken YouTube by storm through their ‘2 Muslim Night Riders’ channel.

Tom said:

“It was a real pleasure to go for a ride with Nooralom and Sham. Their videos, which started after the first lockdown, have been inspirational. They show how cycling is great for mental health and companionship. The ability to get out there to green spaces has been a blessing during the last year.

“What’s really great is that they’re encouraging others to join in too, especially those that haven’t been on a bike for a while. When we come out of lockdown, Streets for People will be looking to help organise events which will allow more people to get on their bike, from all parts of our community.

“We look forward to working with Nooralom, Sham and others to make that happen.”

One reply on “Taking a ride with Nooralom and Sham”

Wonderful ride it was Tom hope our video journey will inspire others to get out and about . Definitely we can arrange more rides with group too.
Join the urban cycling adventure
Cycle today sleep tomorrow


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