Andrea Timoney – Independent

How would you encourage more local journeys to be taken by sustainable modes of transport.

In the context of the Burnage ward, my answer would be to campaign for improvement and reinstatement of bus services locally.

How would you as a local candidate tackle air pollution and what do you propose should be done at council level to help reduce the pollution on our streets?

Again, improve bus services to give people a car free choice. Also move the public transport fleet to hybrid or electric vehicles.

What would you do to help bring the community back together so that all residents feel included in council decisions and future regeneration schemes?

Consult correctly on all future decisions with paper mailings and a direct telephone number. The current LBAN consultation excludes though who are not digitally savvy and therefore alienates people from decisions.

Quick Questions:

1. Would you support a ban on pavement parking in Manchester?

It is dependent on the street. Emergency vehicle access can be compromised so it isn’t one size fits all.

2. Would you support an improved bus network, including expanded services and routes and increasing the dedicated bus lane network in Manchester?


3. Would you support improved rail services and access at Levenshulme station, including step-free access and for more frequent services and routes?

Again, this is not in the ward I am standing, but yes I do support improvements to services and facilities at Levenshulme Station.

4. Would you support the implementation of School Streets across Levenshulme / Burnage?

Yes – but alternatives need to be sought for schools that can’t have school streets (where there is a bus route on the road for example)

5. Would you support infrastructure to improve safety on ‘boundary roads’ including traffic calming and pedestrian crossings?

I am not sure what a boundary road is in the context of Burnage as Phase 2 has not been released so it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment.

6. Would you support action to strengthen the network of modal filters and provide safe active travel routes throughout Levenshulme /Burnage?

If you mean an increase in the number of filters – No, not without proper public consultation

7. Would you support a segregated cycle lane for the A6 from Stockport to Manchester city centre?


8. Would you support an enforced 20mph default speed limit in built-up areas in Levenshulme/Burnage?

It is not practical for all roads in Burnage. Kingsway could not be a 20mph road for example. More needs to be done to make roads safer even where 20mph is not practical (speed cameras etc)

9. Would you support implementation of a Clean Air Zone in Manchester (and across Gr Manchester) to meet legal air quality limits in the ‘shortest time possible’?


10. Would you support a tougher voluntary air quality limit of 30ug/m3 for nitrogen dioxide in Manchester?

I would like to see current targets met before making them tougher.