Brain Candeland – Green Party

As you are standing to represent Burnage ward, how would you encourage more local journeys to be taken by sustainable modes of transport.

I think this needs several approaches and some of them are outside the powers of the City Council or even the Greater Manchester Mayor.  We need much more integrated transport (the current re-regulation of the buses should be just the start) – this is something which Green Party Mayoral candidate Melanie Horrocks is arguing strongly for.  We need both cycling and walking to be made safer in our streets, and they need to be seen as normal modes of transport. not just the preserve of ‘cyclists’.  

How would you as a local candidate tackle Air Pollution and what do you propose should be done at council level to help reduce the pollution on our streets?

The proposed Clean Air Zone should help to reduce air pollution on our streets, but it only covers commercial vehicles.  A reduction in car travel as described in the previous answer will also help.  Other causes of air pollution such as illegal fires also need to be tackled more strongly.    

What would you do to help bring the community back together so that all residents feel included in council decision and future regeneration schemes?

Low traffic neighbourhoods have caused controversy in a number of parts of the country there are also plenty of examples where they have been generally accepted and uncontroversial.    I am very much in favour of schemes like this, and as your 60% figure suggests I believe the majority of residents are also supportive, however the quality of consultation is key and does seem have been badly handled in the case of Levenshulme/Burnage.   It’s important to remember that this is a trial, and all feedback should be listened to, however decisions should be based on evidence.

Quick questions:

1.      Would you support a ban on pavement parking in Manchester?

Yes, although I think it would be difficult to enforce in full.  I do think more action is needed where a selfish vehicle user completely blocks the path impeding wheelchair and pram/buggy users.

2.      Would you support an improved bus network, including expanded services and routes and increasing the dedicated bus lane network in Manchester?

Yes, and as well as bus services being integrated with each other, they need to be much better integrated with other modes of transport.

3.      Would you support improved rail services and access at Levenshulme station, including step-free access and for more frequent services and routes?

Yes, it is disgraceful that in 2021 there is no step-free access at Levenshulme station.  

4.      Would you support the implementation of School Streets across Levenshulme / Burnage?

School streets are something which I very much support in principle.  I would welcome their introduction on a trial basis (also taking into account experiences of similar schemes elsewhere)

5.      Would you support infrastructure to improve safety on ‘boundary roads’ including traffic calming and pedestrian crossings?

Yes, I would support this; in introducing LTNs and similar schemes it is vital that the boundary roads are addressed to prevent traffic problems simply being transferred there.  Boundary roads often have to be used by non-car users as well as the more local streets.

6.      Would you support action to strengthen the network of modal filters and provide safe active travel routes throughout Levenshulme /Burnage?

Yes, alongside appropriate consultation with residents

7.      Would you support a segregated cycle lane for the A6 from Stockport to Manchester city centre?

Yes, in principle.  However the A6 is narrow in places and this might be difficult to do actually on the A6.  There may be more mileage (excuse the pun!) in making more use of quieter routes which are broadly parallel to the A6.  The first aim of improved cycling provision should be to get more ‘non-cyclists’ riding bikes instead of using cars.   

8.      Would you support an enforced 20mph default speed limit in built-up areas in Levenshulme / Burnage?


9.      Would you support implementation of a Clean Air Zone in Manchester (and across Gr Manchester) to meet legal air quality limits in the ‘shortest time possible’?

Yes, ideally I would like to see the proposed Greater Manchester zone extended to private vehicles, although that is assumed to be politically unpopular and off the table for now.    I think we need better and stronger political leadership to challenge that assumption.

10.   Would you support a tougher voluntary air quality limit of 30ug/m3 for nitrogen dioxide in Manchester?