Local Elections 2021

The local elections are back. We asked all the candidates standing for Burnage and Levenshulme a series of questions to find out where they stand on clean air and transport related issues.

The candidates’ responses in full, where they have answered, can be found by clicking on the link for each candidate. We hope this is helpful to people to make a decision on who to vote for.

The contact details for all of the candidates can be found on Democracy Clubs’ website: BurnageLevenshulme


Shahed Hossain – Conservative Party

Brian Candeland – Green Party

Andrea Timoney – Independent

Bev Craig – Labour: Response coming soon.

Jamie Dwan – Liberal Democrats: No response received.


Alexandru Stelian Stancu – Conservative Party. (Answers provided by Shahed Hossain)

Dick Venes – Green Party

Jeremy Hoad – Independent

Zahid Hussain – Labour: No response received.

Greg Sammons – Liberal Democrats

The Questions in Full

We asked 3 main questions and 10 quick questions as below:

According to TfGM 60% of journeys under 2km by undertaken by car. As you are standing to represent Levenshulme or Burnage ward, how would you encourage more local journeys to be taken by sustainable modes of transport.

Air pollution is something that has been increasingly shown to cause more health issues for residents How would you as a local candidate tackle this issue and what do you propose should be done at council level to help reduce the pollution on our streets?

 The filtered neighbourhood has caused a big division between residents within Levenshulme and Burnage, even though MCC has shown that 60% of respondents to the scheme are in favor of the scheme. What would you do to help bring the community back together so that all residents feel included in council decisions and future regeneration schemes?

Quick Questions:

1.      Would you support a ban on pavement parking in Manchester?

2.      Would you support an improved bus network, including expanded services and routes and increasing the dedicated bus lane network in Manchester? 

3.      Would you support improved rail services and access at Levenshulme station, including step-free access and for more frequent services and routes?

4.      Would you support the implementation of School Streets across Levenshulme / Burnage?

5.      Would you support infrastructure to improve safety on ‘boundary roads’ including traffic calming and pedestrian crossings?

6.      Would you support action to strengthen the network of modal filters and provide safe active travel routes throughout Levenshulme /Burnage?

7.      Would you support a segregated cycle lane for the A6 from Stockport to Manchester city centre?

8.      Would you support an enforced 20mph default speed limit in built-up areas in Levenshulme / Burnage?

9.      Would you support implementation of a Clean Air Zone in Manchester (and across Gr Manchester) to meet legal air quality limits in the ‘shortest time possible’?

10.   Would you support a tougher voluntary air quality limit of 30ug/m3 for nitrogen dioxide in Manchester?