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Respond to the Active Neighourhood consultation

Manchester City Council currently have a live consultation on the Levenshulme and North Burnage active neighbourhood scheme. You can give feedback on the scheme as a whole, on specific filters, and on traffic calming and crossings you would like to see on the main roads. For Burnage there is also a place to suggest future improvements.

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Consultation finds ‘overwhelming’ support for an Active Neighbourhood, but will Manchester City Council match the community’s ambition?

Yesterday, Manchester City Council (MCC) announced the details of the Levenshulme and North Burnage Active Neighbourhood Scheme trial. We were absolutely overjoyed by the news that the vast majority of people who responded to the consultation support the creation of an active neighbourhood. Its great to know what we always suspected, that there is a […]

All we want for Christmas is an Active Travel Neighbourhood

We should have heard about the details of the Levenshulme and North Burnage Active Neighbourhood by now. It is due to start on the 19th December, in 10 days’ time. Surely Manchester City Council (MCC) would have announced its plans for the filter locations by now, after another round of thousands of comments by local […]

The Great Pavement Robbery

How cars are taking our street space and what you can do to stop it. Help stop Levenshulme and Burnage’s 100+ PAVEMENT BLOCKS. These roaming metal boxes appeared without ANY CONSULTATION, and are MULTIPLYING year on year. They could appear outside of YOUR SHOP OR HOME at any time, turning paths into P A V […]


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