Streets for People – Levenshulme and Burnage

Streets for people are a local group of residents campaigning for safer and active travel and Levenshulme and Burnage.

“Active travel” means making journeys by physically active means, whether that be by cycle, walking or with a mobility aid.

We hold direct actions, public events, and push for local and Manchester-wide politicians to help enable the positive changes our neighbourhoods need.

What do you want to see?

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I want my streets to be quieter to walk and cycle on.

I want to see an example of good areas for active travel

I want to get to school safely

I want slower traffic on my street

I want to help.

Most recent blog posts

S4P: Statement on the active neighbourhood update

Manchester City Council has provided an update on the Levenshulme and Burnage Active Neighbourhood project. Late last year, the council launched the latest of many consultation exercises to understand residents’ views about its proposed plans for the final, permanent scheme, which would unlock £millions of extra funding for our area. We are pleased to learn […]

Levenshulme councillors fail to provide answers on blocking street safety measures for Manor Road area.

Councillors failed to explain why they blocked two filters requested by residents and MCC Highways that would’ve provided a mile of safe filtered streets off of Manor Road They claimed residents should feedback if they want current filter to remain, despite this not being an option in the consultation form They claimed other streets must […]

Councillors continue to avoid answers regarding extra filters

After an FoI, several emails and a story on Manchester World, a resident has finally managed to get an answer from Councillor Noor regarding the situation on Manor Road. However, all it does is raise more questions: The reply reads as follows (emphasis our own): – “Dear [resident], Apologies for the late reply, we have […]