Other events and consultations

Take action

Contact councillors

Please phone or email the following local councillors, asking them to attend a public meeting, to answer questions from the community (a phone call is most effective, but don’t phone more than once without reply):

Angeliki Stogia (Manchester City Council Executive Member for Transport): Tel 07901 528 750, email

Ben Clay (Burnage Ward): Tel 07966 296 332, email

Azra Ali (Burnage): Tel 07852 511 785, email

Bev Craig (Burnage): Tel 0161 234 1842, email

Basat Sheikh (Levenshulme): Tel 07900 170 000, email

Dzidra Noor (Levenshulme): Tel 07852 343 781, email

(Bernard Stone [Levenshulme] has already indicated when he is available for a public meeting)

Gather signatories for our collective letter

Speak to neighbours and friends about our collective letter. Ask them to sign it online here. Signatories must either live, work or have kids that go to school in Levenshulme or Burnage Wards, or be responsible for businesses or community organisations in Levenshulme or Burnage Wards. Business owners or community organisation leaders may sign either as individuals or as the business or community organisation. Names will not be published, but will be sent to the councillors and other officials that the Collective Letter is addressed to. Streets for People administrators will check names against previous signatories to prevent duplicate signatures.

Join our organising team

We’re always looking for more people to help with our campaign. If you are interested in joining our organising group, please email:

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